Spooks Events Paranormal Challenge

What about if you were the Paranormal Investigator. What about if you had all the right Ghost Hunting Equipment and you had to gather the evidence. Does that sound more interesting?

Spooks Events Paranormal Challenge will be coming soon. A Ghost Hunt Event but totally different to the rest. Never mind the 1 hour lone time, what about a whole night when it’s all down to you and your team?

All the right Ghost Hunting Equipment and technology to capture your own Paranormal Evidence.  Access to the Most Haunted locations of the UK, to hold your own Paranormal Investigation.  Compete against other Ghost Hunting Teams to be the best Paranormal Investigator.

Now tell me that doesn’t sound more fun than just standing in the dark with a torch. Capture your own footage, record your own EVP’s and then also have the chance to analyse it!!

This you will only get with Spooks Events and Ghost Club UK, no other Ghost Hunting Company will give you this experience. No other Ghost Hunting Company offers this kind of event, come with us and you will never turn back.