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Oxford Castle Ghost Hunt Events Report 11.10.11

Oxford Castle was originally one of the many castles built by the Normans following their invasion of England in 1066. Building work on this Norman motte and bailey castle began in 1071, the motte referring to the huge mound which was built to protect the wooden fortification placed at the top. The mound, twenty feet high, still survives. As the Norman period continued stone towers and walls were added, the castle serving as a prison as well as a defensive position. Oxford Castle is then thought to have played a role in the turbulent power struggle that marked the end of William the Conqueror’s direct line.

The Conqueror’s grandson Henry I died without a surviving son, and his nephew Stephen seized the throne in 1135. But Henry I’s daughter Mathilda lurked threateningly in the background. Mathilda came to England to stake her claim. Stephen caught up with Mathilda at Oxford in 1142, burnt the town and laid siege to Mathilda and her supporters who had taken refuge in the castle. Mathilda managed to escape from the castle by climbing over the walls and then making her way across the frozen moat. St George’s Tower, and the crypt of St George’s Chapel survive from this time.

Oxford Castle continued as a prison and little used royal palace, until it was purchased by Christ Church College. During the seventeenth century, the English Civil War saw the castle defences strengthened as Oxford became a royalist stronghold. Parliament took its revenge on the defeat of the royalists by destroying nearly all of the castle.
Since that time Oxford Castle has been used as a prison, finally closing in 1996. Today the austere remains of Oxford Castle play its part as a tourist attraction and visitor centre.
Spooks Events contacted Oxford Castle to host its first Ghost Hunt Event as part of the annual Ghost Fest. Unfortunately not being able to setup our CCTV cameras due to lack of electrical points, we relied on handheld camcorders and then our other equipment ie. EVP recorders, K2 meters etc.
The venue itself was a small investigation due to only having the tower, cells and crypt left of the castle building. The night itself was a quiet investigation, a few personal experiences were brought to our attention.

Whilst setting up the table in the tower block Gaz was caught off guard by what he states was whistling, at this point I would mention he was totally alone in the building, myself and all the guests were across the courtyard in the base room / café area. During the investigation I was carrying with me a walkie talkie and so was Gaz and also the historian from Oxford Castle, we kept having interference on the walkie talkies, now this could be purely down to a fault or interference but it was very strange how it was swapping from my walkie talkie to Gaz’s but not effecting the walkie talkie carried by the historian. At one point we carried out a group vigil in the crypt, we were attempting to make contact with spirit using the Ouija Board. During this session on a few occasions we heard stones hitting the metal legs of the table, again this could have been caused by shuffling of feet kicking up the stones but at the time we were all standing still around the table.

Again in the crypt a group on the lone time were carrying out an EVP session and were also using the K2 meter to see if they could receive any interaction. They stated that whilst asking questions they were receiving responses on the K2 meter and one of the group was also using their mobile phone as a recorder for the EVP’s. On the recording he had captured some good EVP’s. Randomly the spirit at one point is heard saying the word “strange”, maybe he thought we dressed strange? Or simply what we were doing was strange? Who knows. At another time he appeared to answer a question with the word “no” and then when asked if it was them that had touched one of the guests and was asked to do it again, very stubbornly answered “I will not”. Oxford Castle is a very interesting place to visit and its history holds an importance to the UK. We were very privileged to attend and be part of Oxford Castle’s Ghost Fest. We feel with the Paranormal in mind it was a quiet night for us, but this is how it works. Another time the building may be ripe with activity[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]