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Old Oak House Ghost Hunt Event  31.08.13

The Old Oak House in West Bromwich, is a beautiful old yeoman’s farm house. With its half-timbered exterior and oak beamed interior, it is a perfectly picturesque 16th century building, with a spooky paranormal reputation.

With this in mind the Spooks Events team hosted their Ghost Hunt Event there on the 31st August 2013. At the beginning of the night we had a walk around with the Medium who was explaining the energies that he was picking up on, but all seemed pretty quiet.

We then split our guests into two groups, one went with the medium and the other with the Spooks Events host. We started our investigation in the kitchen. Whilst discussing within the group the reported apparition which had been previously witnessed sitting in the corner in the chair, the K2 Meter started flashing intensely but periodically. This was telling us that there wasn’t a constant Electro-magnetic Field, it was something that kept coming and going. The K2 Meter was also sitting on the table in the middle of the room, no-where near any electrical equipment. When we stopped talking it also stopped flashing and when we started talking again it would come back, it was very bizarre almost as if it was confirming and agreeing with our discussions.

We then moved out into the entry hallway. There was a large long table in here and we placed K2 Meters in each corner. Whilst speaking out and asking for interaction again the K2 Meters would flash but this time it would go from one K2 to the next as if it was moving around the table. We also tried a Ghost Box session and even though we all believe that words were being spoken out, it was very hard this time to pick them up clearly so we didn’t continue for very long with this. As well as the K2 Meters we also had our Mel Meter and at various times the antenna was picking up interaction and would sound its alarm.

Following this we moved into the Parlour Room, and the host then surprised the guests when she asked for brave volunteers. To their horror it then became apparent that individuals were being placed alone in different rooms. There was one placed in the kitchen alone, one was in the entry hall way, another placed in a small room at the bottom of the stairs and the last put into the dining room. The rest of the guests stayed in the parlour with the host. Each brave guest was given a K2 meter.  The group then asked for interaction from the spirits and also for them to let themselves be known to the lone guests. After a while when we brought the guests back we were surprised to find out that the brave gentleman in the small room experienced a cold sensation down his one arm and when he looked down he jumped as he was sure he saw in his peripheral vision for a split second a figure standing behind him.

We then ventured to other rooms and again were receiving K2 action. After a short break time, the groups swapped areas the host and her group investigated upstairs. Whilst standing on the landing area we decided to try and interact with a child spirit that had been picked up on by the medium. We tried playing a game of “copy me” and would tap a few times and listen for a response. After a few times of trying this, to our amazement we finally got a response.  Behind where we were standing was a glass case with a small wooden box in it. The tapping response we were receiving sounded as if the tapping was on the glass. As this was happening we asked the spirit child if they would hold someone’s hand. One of the guests then claimed he lower arm and hand was getting cold, we also then started getting hits on the K2 Meter but at a low height only. Was this the ghost child responding to us and coming to play?

Within the night we allowed the guests to use our equipment and go investigate the building themselves. On their return a group told us that they were having amazing interaction on the Ouija board (one of our team members had opened and closed the board and also stayed to make sure everything was done properly), another group had stated again they were having strong interaction with the K2 Meters. We also had a motion detector laser set up in one of the bedrooms, and this had activated on a few occasions throughout the night whilst no one was near the room.

As the night was drawing to a close, the interaction we were receiving also quietened down. But all in all I think all would agree that the night was very successful. There is plenty of footage from our Night Vision Static Camcorders and EVP Recorders to analyse. All evidence will be posted on the webpage.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]