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Haden Hill Old House Ghost Hunting Event Report 03.08.13

The Spooks Events team and guests were investigating Haden Hill Old House, West Midlands. We have hosted our Ghost Hunts at this Haunted House on many occasions, with good success at capturing Paranormal Evidence.

The same with all Spooks Events Ghost Hunts, we had equipment setup around the house. This includes many EVP Recorders, Night Vision Camcorders and various trigger objects which can detect Paranormal Activity.

At the beginning of the night we ventured around the Haunted House as a whole group to see what activity we could experience. Whilst in the kitchen we had K2 meters, Mel Meter and IR Thermometers to identify any changes in the temperature or EM Fields.

We all called out and asked for interaction from the spirits residing in Haden Hill Old House. We have always received EVP Recordings from who sounds like a little girl in the kitchen area, we therefore also concentrated on calling out to any children. We took in a glow in the dark ball to see if this could intrigue them to come and play. We were getting intermittent K2 hits coming and going across the room and they always seemed to be quite low down as if a small child. We then decided to see if we could play a game with the child or children and was asking them to copy us as we made tapping noises. We were all really surprised and excited when we started to hear very faint but obvious taps in response to ours.  The phenomena went on for a few minutes but unfortunately then stopped and didn’t happen again.

We eventually moved to the next room, this was a long room on the ground floor. Again we had our equipment with us and were asking for interaction and for the spirits to let us know they are there, however they could. Again the K2 meters started flashing as if in response. This time they seemed more content and interested in one of our female guests and it was her K2 that kept picking up the energy. At one point we even tried swapping her K2 meter with someone else’s just to make sure that it wasn’t malfunctioning. It wasn’t, the new K2 meter she has was still flashing in response to questions.

During the questioning and calling out for interaction, various guests were picking up what could only be described as cold spots. When using the IR Thermometers there were definite sudden drops in temperature in certain areas of the room that the K2 Meter was flashing.

This type of interaction went on in other rooms throughout the property. We came to the conclusion as the K2 Meters were flashing and picking up energy forces intermittently and in response to our requests, that the spirit or spirits were following us around the house trying to communicate with us. The Mel Meter was used as another interaction tool as this not only picks up EM field changes and temperature changes, but it also has an antenna that can also be interacted with by spirit and it sets of an alarm. Whilst in communication with spirit this was also being set off numerous times.

Later on in the night we sat around a table to attempt to make communication with the Ghosts of Haden Hill Old House through our Ouija Board. The board was opened correctly and the guests placed their fingertips on the Planchette. It took a good few minutes, but eventually the planchette started to move. We asked for them to try to spell out their name for us, but the letters that came out didn’t seem make any sense.  We moved the Planchette back to the centre of the board and asked again for them to spell out their name. To our amazement they spelled out the same word which didn’t make sense. One of the guests came out with a comment which none of us thought of but made perfect sense, “what if this is one of the children, but they can’t spell!”  Each time we were experiencing movement on the Planchette, we were also getting high K” hits and also the Mel Meter alarm was being set off. This is another good indication to us that there was spirit energy around us and on the Ouija Board.  After further questioning, and the spirit answering us via the board on the yes and no words. It came about that it was a child and the word they were trying to spell out was cook but not as in the name cook but it came about that it was the cook that had caused the child’s passing. It was very sad and upsetting for us all to experience and I won’t go into details as it felt very personal to us all. After about an hour we believe that the energy had gone from the board so we thanked the spirit for their communication with us and closed down the board.

The rest of the night seemed pretty quiet, we had occasional K2 hits. All our Night Vision camera’s and EVP recorders were constantly recording throughout the night.  We have started going through the footage and have again found the voice of the little girl. She seems intrigued by our equipment and it sounds as if she is asking “What is that?” We are amazed, as when compared to the girl’s voice we captured on previous Ghost Hunt Events at Haden Hill Old House it is definitely the same little girl. We have also found a man’s voice which seems to be calling out and at the very same time footsteps on the wooden floor. This was captured by one of the Night Vision camcorders in an empty room.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]