Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunting Event Report 26.10.13

The Spooks Events Ghost Hunt at Guys Cliffe House was an interesting Overnight Event .  Dating back to Saxon times as a secluded place of worship, Guys Cliffe House stands proud expressing it’s prominent presence within the Warwickshire county.

The building has many dark and ominous areas, with numerous internal rooms. This includes a chapel and Freemasons Masonic Temple. The outside areas are no less daunting with the underground wine cellar, hidden away caves and large foreboding stables and out buildings.

Paranormal Goings On

At the beginning of the night we carried out a whole group walk around so that everyone could get their bearings at the sheer size of the venue. We then separated into smaller groups to start our Paranormal Investigations.

On investigating one of the outer buildings which had previously been a stable block. The group came across what appeared to be a large wooden post. The post seemed to have slash marks covering it and also in this same area was a large, old wooden coffin. It leaves the mind racing at what had actually been going on over the years at Guys Cliffe House.

Throughout the Ghost Hunt Event the groups were having various Paranormal Experiences. One group whilst carrying out a Table Tipping exercise had the table moving around the Chapel room by unseen forces. Whilst another group were holding a Ghost Box session and receiving replies to questions they asked.

More Ghost Activity

During the Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt we surprised our unexpecting guests with a new terrifying experience called the Drop Off. This is something they weren’t expecting and put a whole new twist to the Ghost Hunt Night.

Whilst my group was in one of the daunting dark dank caves they asked spirit to enter the cave and set off the REM DD. This was placed right in front of the entrance, and to their shock and terror, spirit obliged and the REM DD alarmed right in front of us.

One group sat and communicated with spirit on our Ouija Board. They were receiving answers to their questions via the board’s planchette which was being guided by unseen hands.

Another ghostly event occurred whilst sitting in the room at the top of the building. My group was calling out to spirit to let themselves be known to us. They responded by knocking on the walls and ceiling. Both these areas being inaccessible areas to any person.

Haunted Guys Cliffe House

The ghostly and paranormally active Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunts are not to be missed. We have collected Paranormal Evidence which can be viewed or listened to on our Ghost Hunt Evidence pages.