About Spooks Events

The Spooks Events team are quite a bunch of characters. We are also a dedicated team of Paranormal Investigators. Each team member brings to the company individual skills, knowledge and experience which assist’s in developing Spooks Events into the professional company that we are.

The team all have their responsibilities on our Ghost Hunt Events. We continuously hold team meetings to discuss and give feedback which promotes a constant improvement in organizing the events. Our Meet the Team page will give you a more personal introduction to each team member and their roles within the company.

Each and every member of Spooks Events holds the responsibility to support and ensure the guests enjoyment on our Paranormal Nights. We are all aware that the environment of an event can at times be a daunting and frightening experience for guests that are new to Ghost Hunting. We ensure at all times to keep a watchful eye on our guests to make sure that every single person can take part in the activities, but also feel safe and supported. The team members will at all times be approachable and able to assist for anyone who at any time feels uneasy, nervous and need support.

The Spooks Events Ghost Hunts are aimed at being an enjoyable and eye opening experience for all. Our company goal is ensure a fun filled night of Ghost Hunting Activities. Unfortunately, it can appear at times that team members are being strict with the structure of the night, but we hope you understand that within the ghost hunt we want every guest to be able to experience all activities and areas of the venue. This would then require us to move people around and at times end an activity so that you can experience another.

Due to the way we run our new and unique experiences, we don’t usually have mediums working for us. But for the venues we are unable to run the Paranormal Challenge, we may have mediums present. In this event we encourage our guests to join in with as much of the activities that a medium provides and at all times question the medium for as much information as possible. Mediums can provide an exciting insight into the paranormal. All mediums that work on Spooks Events Ghost Hunts are self-employed and therefore, their views and opinions are their own and not always the views and opinions of Spooks Events.

Meet The Team

Cath DonaldFounder / Host
Cath has been fascinated with the Paranormal for most of her life. Spending countless hours watching Haunted or Horror films and then along with Gaz, investigating derelict buildings and reported haunted areas in the dead of night, Ghosts and the Paranormal have become an endless passion to her.

Cath has personally experienced phenomena which she cannot explain, and this only drives her more into investigating and aiming to bring these experiences to her guests.

Cath has spent and still spends the majority of her time researching haunted locations, arranging Ghost Hunting Events and compiling the information that you can find on this website. She also runs all the administration side of the Spooks Events Ghost Hunting Company.

On the Ghost Hunt Event, Cath will also be your host and plays an important role in the structure and running of the Ghost Hunts.

Gaz ChandlerFounder / Technical Manager
Founder of Spooks Events, Gaz has spent many years attending Ghost Hunting Events with other companies. He has also spent countless hours investigating old and derelict buildings with Cath in an attempt to capture evidence of the Paranormal. He has encountered personal experiences that he has been unable to explain and not being entirely satisfied with how other events companies run their nights, he has work extremely hard and put a lot of time and effort into forming Spooks Events.
As Technical Manager, his role within the company and also his responsibilities on the Ghost Hunt Events, enables guests to investigate and experiment with specifically designed state of the art Ghost Hunting Equipment. It is also through this equipment that we have been able to capture some of the most amazing and un-explainable Paranormal Activity.

Not only does Gaz work very hard in ensuring that all our Ghost Hunting Equipment is tested and working, he also puts many hours in to designing and structuring the company website. It seems endless to Gaz’s efforts within the company.

Rob EdwardsHost / Technical Assistant
Rob has always supported Spooks Events from the very beginning. As much as he can be the company joker and enjoys nothing more than playing up, he takes his role within the company and on the Ghost Hunts very seriously and always gives 100%.

He started off quite sceptical and still is in a manner, he will always search for rational explanations to phenomena on the Ghost Hunt Events. He has personally experienced situations which he has found difficult to explain and is starting to question if there is something else other than the living.

He was more than happy to join the Spooks Events team and is an irreplaceable member. Rob is very good with guests and will always bring a smile to the face of even the most frightened of people.

Ron Cooper-HughesHost / Technical Assistant
Ron has made a complete turn-around when it has come to Ghosts and the Paranormal. After many years of being hesitant when it came to the thought of Ghosts and Dark Scary places, Ron was unwillingly dragged to one of the Spooks Events Ghost Hunts, by his partner Tina.

On our Ghost Hunting Events Ron has experienced un-explainable phenomena. He has been pushed passed by unseen forces, personally felt unnerving cold spots and experienced unnatural emotions.

Since this, Ron has never looked back and has attended Ghost Hunting Events on many occasions. He also, along with his sister Cath, has spent many a late nights investigating reported Haunted locations.

When the opportunity arose for Ron to join the Spooks Events team, he jumped at the chance and has played an important role within the company and has brought many unique ideas and assisted in planning the smooth running of the Ghost Hunt Events.

Tina Cooper-HughesAssistant Host
Tina started attending Ghost Hunt Events with Spooks Events just out of curiosity. She wasn’t sure as to whether she believed in Ghosts and the Paranormal, and therefore Ghost Hunting to her was a way of either confirming the Paranormal or disproving.
Tina has certainly found that not all experiences can rationally be explained.

She was also very weary and wouldn’t have any interaction with the Ouija Board. She has since seen that the board can be used in a safe and controllable environment and can also reward with amazing communication. She bared witness to this when she experienced communication with her family member.

Tina was more than willing to join the Spooks Events team, and is an invaluable asset to the company. She is great with people and has an aura that can make any person feel comfortable.[/team_member]

Mandy MortonAssistant Host
Mandy started her road down Paranormal Investigating by attending a few of the Spooks Events Ghost Hunt Events. Mandy has progressed greatly since becoming part of the team.

Starting as quite a quiet and shy person, she is now an active member of the group. Mandy is great with the guests, helping them conduct the Ghost Hunting Investigations and supporting them as and when needed.

Whilst on the Ghost Hunting Events Mandy has experienced un-explainable cold spot and numerous K2 Meter activities. This has only led to Mandy being more intrigued in the Paranormal.