Frequently Asked Questions

Ghost Hunting is the process of investigating some of the Most Haunted Places that are reported to be Haunted By Ghosts. Typically, a Ghost Hunting Team will attempt to collect evidence claimed to be supportive of Paranormal activity. Ghost Hunters often utilize a variety of electronic equipment, such as the following types: the EMF meter; Digital Thermometer; Thermographic  Imagers. Also, handheld and static digital video cameras with  night vision; digital audio recorders; and also computers.  Using this equipment, Ghost Hunters will attempt to capture evidence of the presence of spirits or ghosts.
Within a Spooks Events Ghost Hunt we carry out various types of investigation techniques. Using state of the art Ghost Hunting equipment and even the more traditional paranormal equipment like Dowsing Rods, Pendulums etc, we will investigate reported haunted locations for evidence of the presence of spirits or ghosts. There are many different activities we will carry from using the equipment, to seances, lone investigations and also table tipping and glass divination. Each Ghost Hunt Event can vary on the activities we do due to the location itself.
We do host Private Ghost Hunt Events for guests for their special occasions. These can be arranged by contacting us with dates, guest numbers and preferred locations or area and we will be more than happy to provide you with free quotations for your own private Ghost Hunting experience. 
This question is a very difficult to answer.  The Spooks Events personal policy is that we will not press our beliefs onto any person. We strongly recommend that every individual should make up their own minds as to what they believe. As a company we provide you with evidence we have captured along with a guarantee that we have not added any voices, falsified any evidence or tampered with any recordings (apart from trying to clean up or enhance). Every individual is entitled to their own opinion on the subject.
Mediums are sensitive to the perception of the spirit world and have the ability to sense spirit energy. Each Medium has different ways of doing this. There are Clairvoyants who have the ability to see spirit, Clairaudient Mediums can hear spirit, Clairsensitive feel the spirits energy and can interpret the messages through feelings and there are many more. More in depth information can be found on the internet, there are many informative and interesting sites regarding Psychic abilities.